In an urban setting we tend to forget about basic hair care not to mention our health in general. Today it is rather difficult to maintain a good condition of our bodies due to the lack of free time to spend or to basically being lazy. But as for us, women, it’s an inevitable duty to fulfill in order to be pretty and to get appreciation from the men surrounding us.

Here are some pieces of advice to help you keep your hair healthy and shiny:

  1. Eat more vegetables and fruits along with calcium rich products like cheese. Take vitamin complex in spring and autumn when your body is in a deficiency of nutriments. It’s much better to take vitamins in the morning and minerals in the evening with a less amount of fat.

  2. Don’t rinse your hair too often. Too frequent washing will leach out a lot of necessary nutritious matter your hair has already possessed. It is recommended to wash your hair once in 3 days if not more rarely.

  3. Use low sulfate shampoo if possible and choose one that doesn’t contain parabens or PEG which are currently considered as carcinogens. You will see for yourself that your hair is falling out less.

  4. Don’t brush your hair while wet. You may harm your locks and cause split ends which is not really a good thing.

  5. Apply oils on your scalp to nourish hair roots once a week. Mineral oils are good as well as nut oils, shea, soy, burdock and sesame seed oil. Olive oil is perfect to apply on hair body, by the way.

  6. Massaging your scalp before going to bed will stimulate growing healthy and strong hair and will eventually make your hair style look more voluminous and really hot. You can rub your scalp with a concussor or a paddle hair brush and you will most likely see the result in a month.

  7. Avoid having your hair caught in the rain or show, use an umbrella or a hat. Heat is also not good for hair, use hair sunscreen to prevent harmful effect by the sun and heat protecting sprays if you are using a hair iron.

  8. Don not use borrowed hair care items and brushes otherwise there is a chance for you to catch some hair diseases and this can cause irrecoverable damage to your chevelure.

  9. Don’t dye your hair too often as it is the most traumatic treatment for your scalp and hair. Bleaching to blond is the most harmful procedure ever as your hair can obtain porous structure like a sponge and your hairdo will look like a mess.

  10. Cut your hair once in two or three months. It will certainly make you hair look healthy and grow much faster. Basically the length of your locks will be absolutely the same if you make a haircut every two months and don’t cut it at all, but the quality of your hair will be totally different.


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