Nowadays, among all possible ways of communication, people still continue to choose a very narrow range: calling by the phone, writing an e-mail, probably two or three visits to the bar or cinema and constant chatting in various social networks.

There are lots of articles on this topic, telling you to stop doing it, to overcome your addiction and to get out of the apartment to the street where the air is fresh and the sun is shining brightly. I won’t repeat it. I just want to give you a list of disturbing signs of a social network addiction.

Probably you will find something common in my words and will be right in time to save yourself from this mania. Here is the list:

  1. You are not at the PC and still use such words as LOL, TNX, BRB…Know what I mean?

  2. You keep on being silent. You rarely use the phone, rarely talk to your friends. Actually, you rarely produce any sounds. On-line chatting doesn’t require it, does it?

  3. You keep on taking pics of…yourself. Everywhere. When you are in bed, then taking a shower, then eating, then you are in the WC…And the only aim is to upload the pics to your account in the social network.

  4. You keep on sitting at home and you don’t change your clothes. Or at least you rarely change your clothes. If you do this – the reason is that you need to make a new profile userpic.

  5. You have never been in a farm. You are not born there. But still, “Farmville” is the place where you spend hours and hours. All this is about hours of playing the social network mini-games and apps.

  6. When a sad moment of partying with your PC comes and you need to go out, you still continue checking the news and updating of Twitter and other stuff using your phone.

  7. Touch your fingers. Are there any callosities on them from the buttons of your keyboard? Got you! You are a social network addict.

  8. If the network is down you are far more than sad – you just don’t know what to do, how to fill in the accidental free time. In other case, when the favorite network changes its interface you start posting the statuses only criticizing the new stuff.

  9. By the way, your status. You change it not because you wanna say something important, but because your mood has just changed or you have just found this “cool stuff for my status” in Google.

  10. The point “Your Website” in your profile contains the link to your other account in other social network.

  11. Going on a vacation you reject the places where you won’t have Wi-Fi. Why do you need it? Of course to change statuses and post cool photos to your page.

  12. All news come from a social network. More than that, you believe them. Everything there seems more real than here, on the planet Earth!

  13. Have several hundred friends online? Go catch up with them! They are your best people who will always help and stay near.

  14. You get acquainted with a cute girl/guy only online and you are sure that everything she/he writes about your pics and traits of character. You trust these invisible people more than yourself.

  15. You always have plan B. If Facebook is down you can switch to your Pen Pall account. Or chat in the ICQ. You’re not sad, you have Twitter after all!

All this is funny. But it’s also frightening on the other hand. What do our society comes to? Are we going to sit near each other in full silence chatting through a PC instead of talking? The world full of silent sad zombies…

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