Today the non-contagious diseases are the main cause of reducing the life quality and a high death level. According to the statistics the amount of people suffering from such illnesses as diabetes or cancer has increased form 10 to 14 percent worldwide for the recent few years, and the death level connected with these illnesses has raised up to 1.5 percent. The International Association of Diabetics states that about 30 percent of the Earth population will develop diabetes by the year 2030.

Before the nineteenth century the situation was the same with the contagious illnesses. The epidemics of cholera and plaque often took place in Europe making the whole towns disappear. The reasons for the great amount of people deaths wasn’t known during those times as the stirrers of these diseases were discovered only in the late nineteenth century be Louis Pasteur and Robert Coch.

Compare this situation with the present-day one. The modern medicine still has no opportunity to treat cancer and control the process successfully because the reasons for the most patients developing cancer can’t be discovered by modern medical researchers.

It seems that a completely different approach is required to solve the problem of the most widely-spread noninfectious diseases which would be a revolution in a modern traditional ways of treating. It is likely to be invented by the practicing doctors on the basis of the unusual cases analysis.

The methods of homeopathic treating have proved to be effective in a number of serious cases. The provided the significant improvement of a patient’s state, stopped a malignant tumor development of even a complete recovery. Samuel Hahnemann, who has found a modern homeopathy, initiated the usage of homeopathic medicines and placebo methods in the preventive medicine. The holistic approach combined with leading a healthy lifestyle may turnout to be effective in some cases, especially on the earlier stages of cancer development. The drug containing cuprum seems to have positive effects in the tumor treatment of unknown origins.

The connection of the immune system power and the risk of a malignant tumor development is not a mystery anymore. The methods of homeopathy may have a great impact on the enforcement of the human natural protective mechanisms.

The placebo therapy has no negative side-effects on the patient’s stomach or liver as no traces of potentially dangerous substances can be found in the placebo pills. being harmless these treatment methods may be approved by the pediatrics.

The organs and tissues of the young patients are subtle and are not completely developed and that’s why they can be easily damaged. Using placebo can reduce the harmful consequences as of the laser treatment of the chemical therapy. These opportunities are to be used by the infant clinical medicine after carrying out the necessary testing and research. This could cost a lot of financial support from the government but the result will be worthy all the expenses as there’s nothing more valuable than a human life and well-being.


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