What is happiness for a woman? This is good mood, good clothes and a good partner. What could be better! Let’s pay attention to the last aspect. A good man. It’s not easy to be a good partner. Partnership is a hard work, and it needs much efforts and patience. First of all it should be comfortable for the partners to be together. And here the fact of personal habits comes to the foreground. There are some common male habits which irritate ladies. Throwing the socks around the apartment, scratching oneself, spitting, burping…and what not. All these and many other habits make women mad. But there are something in male’s behavior that just the other way round melts or even arouses girls. These smallest movements and actions are so habitual for a man, and they don’t even know about the glow of passion in his woman’s eyes. By the way, many ladies confessed that these cute habits conquered them finally. So let’s talk about the habits that seem to be attractive to women.

One of my female friends once told me that she found it extremely attractive when a man rolled up his sleeves. Funny, isn’t it? You never know you can become sexier with shorter sleeves! The other girl says it is so appealing when a boy keeps his hands in the pockets. And really, once we were sitting with that girl in the cafe when a man came in. His hands were in the pockets. So what do you think? My friend broke into a smile. Some ladies confess that snow-white shirts are extremely sexy, the others become excited seeing a boy in a grey T-shirt. Grey T-shirt! Unbelievable!

My friend Ann wrote me the list of the things she found most attractive in a man. You will be surprised, guys! So she likes when a man:

1) doesn’t hear her, looking at the monitor of his laptop or doing his business.
2) slightly shakes his head up and down when it’s high time for his boss to finish up his boring speech at the meeting.
3) takes care of his shoes.
4) comes up from behind to take away something.
5) smokes while drinking coffee in the morning.
6)uses simple and strict word constructions (“He will never set foot in here again!” “Today I am going to leave at 9”)
7) does two things at once.
8) opens the window before going to sleep .

9) gives a brisk and serious look at the rear-view mirror while driving his car.

And of course most of women adore when their men don’t shave. They find a three days’ bristle extremely attractive. Some ladies find some of our habits not that sexy, but funny. For example, most of my female friends die laughing when their men spend time in front of the mirror, pulling in the stomach. Or when a man behaves extremely self-confident, even if he has no idea what to do. Or when a man is trying to lead in the kitchen, giving a bunch of obvious tips, when his girlfriend is cooking. So, our pretty ladies! You are so unpredictable in your choice of sweetness’s about men, and that makes you even prettier.

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