Top 6 Men’s Secrets

Men’s true thoughts often remain terra incognita for the most part of women. Many girls are eager to find out what happens in our head when we say the usual phrases to them.It’s time to reveal some of or secrets.

  • We play golf to have a rest from you. More that 21 mln of the American men play golf regularly. And more than 75% of the play poorly. In other words golf is not a plain hobby. It is a way to be distracted from the family routine and problems connected with relationships.

  • We get terrified when we hear the word “engagement” even after the marriage. But the main thing is that we love our girlfriends and wives more than our life. We really think that they are gorgeous. But we hate making a vow. The most part of the time we feel a never-ending awe for those who we are to love and protect forever.
  • We love like when our girlfriends take care of us but we are afraid of the idea that they will replace our mums.
  • We really sometimes don’t understand what women talking about. Honestly! Sometimes our wives analyze the problem in your relationships during the whole day and in the evening decide to talk it through. At home they make us a nice supper and while having it keep explaining their ideas how to cope with the imaginary obstacles. We silently nod and occasionally insert the neutral phrases “Oh, I see” or “I’ll think about it”. Actually we don’t see ane sense in these talks. Remember that the part of the brain that stores and processes the information is already full with the data of the recent sport events.

  • Do you want to know how to turn a strong and confident man into a pitiful one trembling with fear? Give his wife his car keys. Some guys are really afraid when their girlfriend is driving a car because they think that isn’t a mens stuff. We really believe that we are more capable of controlling the road situation better.

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