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Zombie Video Games – Invasion of Dead

When I watch some horror movie, I close my eyes at the most disgusting moments. I feel sick when I see blood, corpses or monsters even on the screen. However, I feel sudden relief and satisfaction when I kill the hordes of zombies in video games. It may sound strange, but I like zombies in a certain way – they are frightening, yes, but at the same time they are understandable creatures with simple desires – to eat your flesh or bite you and turn into zombie. In most cases it is easy to kill them by blowing their heads away. The rules of zombie games are simple and you feel that you control the situation. Here are the best zombie video games I want to recommend you.


Bad habits of gamers.

For many people video gaming is a problem. Sometimes it is really annoying to see your boyfriend playing all the time. And it it impossible to force him to stop doing it. Some girls really can’t stand it. They need attention, but instead of it their guys prefer to pay much attention to video games. But you have to get used to it. And you should remember that it is the tip of the iceberg. Video gaming is accompanied with some bad habits gamers have. Okay, one can get used to the fact you play video games endlessly. But it is impossible to stand those habits you have while playing. What I mean? Well, let me explain you.


Work Houses of Victorian England

When the people hear the phrase “work house” in the memory of the most part of them flashes the image of Oliver Twist who asks for another serving of watery oatmeal porridge.

The work house in the Victorian England could contain several hundreds or even thousands of dwellers. Except the healthy people there also lived the mentally ill, dangerously ill poor who contaminated their neighbors. These people were kept there for free but the circumstances were awful.


Chase of the Sun

While you are sitting at home, and a warm blanket covers your shoulders, and there is raining or even snowing outside the window and the woolen socks seem to be the best invention of the humankind you should remember one simple thing – somewhere in the world there is always a beach season. As for me, there can not be a better rest than being on the beach and feeling the sand with your toes. Here are the best beaches I dream of visiting one day.

The first of them, Whitehaven Beach is situated in Australia, on the Holy Trinity Island. The length of this beach is about seven kilometers, and the snow-white quartz sand is considered to be the cleanest in the world. On the north of the beach there is a unique bay where the streams bring sand and water creating unbelievable fusion of colors. The purity of sand is 99,89% which exceeds the most severe requirements to the production of the best glass in the world.


Play the Story

The opponents of video games claim that they have no cultural value and generally present a waste of time. However, video games are not only about cute graphics, bright special effects and shooting ugly monsters. Some of the games have really fascinating plots which make you plunge in the process of playing and live every moment of it. It is like reading a great book and feeling like a hero of the story.

The first video game with an excellent plot I want to include in this top is Beyond Good and Evil issued in 1998. The characters of the game are very good developed and you tend to love them from the first moments of the game. You play Jade, a young woman who works as a news reporter and live with orphans. Then the aliens appear on the stage and kidnap some of the children. In the process of rescuing them you, together with Jade learn a lot of terrific secrets about the aliens and the reason of their hunting for kids. The story is fantastic but it promotes the things which are pretty real – friendship, loyalty and nobleness. Jade’s Uncle Pey’j, who adds a humorous hint to the sinister twists of the plot. The only minor defect of the story is its ending. The final scene leaves us uncertain about the fate of Jade, so it seems that sequel is absolutely needed, but there was not any.


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