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The opponents of video games claim that they have no cultural value and generally present a waste of time. However, video games are not only about cute graphics, bright special effects and shooting ugly monsters. Some of the games have really fascinating plots which make you plunge in the process of playing and live every moment of it. It is like reading a great book and feeling like a hero of the story.

The first video game with an excellent plot I want to include in this top is Beyond Good and Evil issued in 1998. The characters of the game are very good developed and you tend to love them from the first moments of the game. You play Jade, a young woman who works as a news reporter and live with orphans. Then the aliens appear on the stage and kidnap some of the children. In the process of rescuing them you, together with Jade learn a lot of terrific secrets about the aliens and the reason of their hunting for kids. The story is fantastic but it promotes the things which are pretty real – friendship, loyalty and nobleness. Jade’s Uncle Pey’j, who adds a humorous hint to the sinister twists of the plot. The only minor defect of the story is its ending. The final scene leaves us uncertain about the fate of Jade, so it seems that sequel is absolutely needed, but there was not any.

The second place should obviously be given to Portal released in 2007. This game is quite shot and does not provide a variety of characters. In fact, there are only two of you in the game – you as the main hero who has found himself in the empty room and have to complete his travel through the row of mysterious chambers, and some robotic disembodied voice which follows you in your adventures and gradually reveals its attitude towards you. This voice, GLaDOS, is one of the strongest points of Portal – friendly in the beginning, it turns up to be completely different in the end. Besides, the mysteries you have to solve are very well-developed. The level of difficulty and the danger involved increases from chamber to chamber and you feel like you are being gently swamped inside the game. Besides, you will not be left without the explanations of the reasons for such tests, the aim of your surviving all ordeals and the mysterious absence of all other people.

Planescape: Torture should be also included in the top of the games with best plots. This video game was issued in 1999 and since that time it has not ceased to capture the interest of gamers. You play the role of the Nameless One. This hero had a gresat number of incarnations throughout the centuries and each time he wakes up for a new life with complete amnesia, but gradually he begins to remember his mission due to the clues left for him by his previous impersonations. Soon you will understand that your endless life is a sentence for committing an awful evil in the past and now you should deserve the forgiveness by fighting the Blood War. The story of this game makes you think of what actually can chage the nature of a human being.


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