Chase of the Sun

While you are sitting at home, and a warm blanket covers your shoulders, and there is raining or even snowing outside the window and the woolen socks seem to be the best invention of the humankind you should remember one simple thing – somewhere in the world there is always a beach season. As for me, there can not be a better rest than being on the beach and feeling the sand with your toes. Here are the best beaches I dream of visiting one day.

The first of them, Whitehaven Beach is situated in Australia, on the Holy Trinity Island. The length of this beach is about seven kilometers, and the snow-white quartz sand is considered to be the cleanest in the world. On the north of the beach there is a unique bay where the streams bring sand and water creating unbelievable fusion of colors. The purity of sand is 99,89% which exceeds the most severe requirements to the production of the best glass in the world.

The beach of Puerto Patriada in Argentina is perfect for reflections and silent meditation. It is not that easy to approach it as it is situated deep in the Andes. The beach surrounds the lake Epuyen where you can launch a kayak. This place is excellent also for satisfying your hiking needs.

If you are in search of an unspoiled piece of the land your choice is New Chums Beach in New Zealand. No means of transportation will bring you exactly to this place so you will have to walk for about an hour to get there. However, this bay with azure water of the Pacific Ocean will meet all your expectations of calm rest face to face with the nature.

For those who prefer more active kinds of entertainment the world’s warehouse of natural wonders can offer Whidbey Island in Washington, USA. Here you can trek among the cliffs and enjoy the sight of the famous bald eagles.

Whale Island in Vietnam will provide you with an opportunity to watch whales and snorkel among coral reefs. Windsurfing and sailing are also available in the Whale Island Resort, which is the only sign of civilization on this remote island.

Mozambique provides a great choice of wonderful beaches, but if you want to turn from the beaten but many tourists track you should visit Ibo Island of the Quirimbas Archipelago. Once Ibo Island was a capital of Mozambique and the ruins of old forts remember you about this time. Nowadays, it can offer you three superb beaches and much space for kayaking and snorkeling. A particular feature of this place is its isolated beach which presents a spit of sand between Ibo and Matemo and emerges from the water only when the tide is low. Sunbathing on this partially non-existing beach is a great experience.

Visiting one of these beaches alone or in a company of your friends will become awesome adventure. Having sunbathed and snorkeled on them you will hardly accept any other kind of entertainment.


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