Bad habits of gamers.

For many people video gaming is a problem. Sometimes it is really annoying to see your boyfriend playing all the time. And it it impossible to force him to stop doing it. Some girls really can’t stand it. They need attention, but instead of it their guys prefer to pay much attention to video games. But you have to get used to it. And you should remember that it is the tip of the iceberg. Video gaming is accompanied with some bad habits gamers have. Okay, one can get used to the fact you play video games endlessly. But it is impossible to stand those habits you have while playing. What I mean? Well, let me explain you.

Some gamers become quite messy and some even filthy. They do not want to stop playing to clean the place. Of course it is impossible for them. They can’t throw the trash into the bin. It is distracting them. Unfortunately they do not clean the place when the game is over. And it is really annoying only because it is your responsibility.

I can’t stand gamers who use bad language. I do not want to be too moralistic but it drives me crazy when I listen to bad language all the time. I can understand it somehow. You are too emotional and can hardly control your feeling. But I wish you could.

I don’t understand those gamers who live the game and its rules. Some gamers spend hours playing the game and then they spend hours discussing it. It is really annoying if you do not understand anything about it. It is even ridiculous.

And finally I hate when gamers eat and play at the same time. And once again he would hardly spend a minute to clean the place. And it is a disaster when several gamers gather, eat and play simultaneously.


Comments on: "Bad habits of gamers." (1)

  1. Ha your comment about gamers that eat and play… does it drive you crazy to listen to them on a mic in the middle of a game to be chewing their food, smacking there jaws, then belch after taking a swig of soda? Ugh gross.. hate that too 🙂

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