When I watch some horror movie, I close my eyes at the most disgusting moments. I feel sick when I see blood, corpses or monsters even on the screen. However, I feel sudden relief and satisfaction when I kill the hordes of zombies in video games. It may sound strange, but I like zombies in a certain way – they are frightening, yes, but at the same time they are understandable creatures with simple desires – to eat your flesh or bite you and turn into zombie. In most cases it is easy to kill them by blowing their heads away. The rules of zombie games are simple and you feel that you control the situation. Here are the best zombie video games I want to recommend you.

  • Dead Rising series. This game has successfully captured the atmosphere of horror which surrounds you at founding out that you are the only living person in the mall full of dead walking corpses. You can kill zombies with any items you find in the mall which adds much fun to the game. The fact that you are deprived of save points make your every attempt to face the danger more risk-taking and exciting.
  • Left 4 Dead should be also included in this list as it presents wonderful zombie mayhem. This game will require from you to cooperate with other players to survive the invasion of dead. Due to the popularity of zombie theme, nowadays these creatures are viewed with humor rather than with fear, but the horrific flesh-eating characters of this game will make you forget about this tendency. The soundtrack matches the atmosphere perfectly, scaring zombies and various types of weapon are at your disposal – what more to wish in the virtual life?

3.The House of the Dead. This game presents another good shooting adventure. The plot of this game has inspired Tarantino to create his famous “Grindhouse”. The recipe of the success of the game is simple – take a bunch of never ending zombies, pour streams of blood on them, powder this mess with guns and scaring effects and heat it on the fire of wild music. However, note that this game is not suitable for children as the sexual contest is developed pretty well.

4.Of course, no list concerning zombie theme can go without Resident Evil series. The zombies in these games are extremely hard to kill. To shoot them is not enough – you have to burn their corpses or they will return in a more terrific incarnation. Interesting plot, matching soundtrack and remarkably disgusting scenes will not leave the fans of zombie games indifferent.

5.Finally, there comes a game which some of you may be surprised to find in this list – Plants vs. Zombies. I know that it is a bit out of the row, but, honestly, these zombies are so nice! Growing plants to kill these dead buddies can turn into a kind of addiction. I think this game is an excellent introduction of the zombie universe for children.

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  1. Not to mention you feel godlike when popping off the mindless hordes.

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