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Good News for Chocolate Fans

If you feel guilty for eating to much chocolate because you believe that it is unhealthy, may be it is time to change your beliefs? Chocolate is not as harmless as it seems. Besides, it can produce some positive effect as well. So, take the bar of your favorite chocolate and read about the advantages of this product.

Chocolate contains magnesium which prevents you from depression, improves your memory, increase immunity and stress resistance. The Japanese scientists have established that 20-25 gr. of chocolate per day is a measure of preventing cancer and ulcer.


Stealth Games – Hide-and-Seek on Your Computer

Computer games are just another interpretation of our constant desire to play which we feel since childhood and throughout the whole life. In childhood we play different games with other kids, but the maturity is not the reason to refuse from this pleasure. For instance, old good hide-and-seek has transformed into stealth computer games. This genre requires from you to complete all missions secretly and move, hide and kill the enemies as stealthily as possible. The best stealth games to remember hide-and-seek times, in my opinion, are the following:


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