Computer games are just another interpretation of our constant desire to play which we feel since childhood and throughout the whole life. In childhood we play different games with other kids, but the maturity is not the reason to refuse from this pleasure. For instance, old good hide-and-seek has transformed into stealth computer games. This genre requires from you to complete all missions secretly and move, hide and kill the enemies as stealthily as possible. The best stealth games to remember hide-and-seek times, in my opinion, are the following:

  • Metal Gear series. Your role is the one of Solid Snake, a secret agent whose task is to sneak on a military base somewhere in Alaska and destroy Metal Gear which is, probably, one of the most ominous and dangerous villains in the world of gaming. The abundance of spy elements in the plot, graphics and the intensity of action will make you feel like the real rescuer of the world.
  • Tenchu series. Among my favorite ones are “Tenchu: Dark Secret” and “Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven”. The game carries you to the atmosphere of the feudal Japan where you acquires the course of ninja training. You will need to demonstrate real art of stealth in order to complete the game. Finely developed graphics and interesting plot will make this process really enjoyable. Besides, “Tenchu: Shadow Assassins” was the first stealth game where 3D technology was used.
  • Splinter Cell series. These games have become classics of genre practically immediately after their release. You will walk in the shoes of an operative who are provided with all kinds of devices to face his enemies. You are equipped not only with a traditional night vision but with heat vision as well. Besides, the games provide interesting twists of plot as it is not always needed to kill everybody in order to survive so you have to define the best tactics yourself.

4.Hitman. It is probably my personal favorite if it comes to stealth genre. You play a professional assassin who completes his contract without being noticed and even without providing anybody with an idea that he was there. You have to use the disguise technique widely – it presents a particular feature of the game. Nobody sees your face and you are required to leave no traces as well. You are even provided with an opportunity to make the death of a certain person look natural by organizing accidents

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