If you feel guilty for eating to much chocolate because you believe that it is unhealthy, may be it is time to change your beliefs? Chocolate is not as harmless as it seems. Besides, it can produce some positive effect as well. So, take the bar of your favorite chocolate and read about the advantages of this product.

Chocolate contains magnesium which prevents you from depression, improves your memory, increase immunity and stress resistance. The Japanese scientists have established that 20-25 gr. of chocolate per day is a measure of preventing cancer and ulcer.

Essential oils provided by chocolate are also of much use for your health. It prevents cholesterol from depositing on the walls of your arteries and protects your vessels from atherosclerosis.

French physicians claim that 40 gr. of chocolate is as useful as the glass of red wine. It stabilizes the blood pressure instead of increasing it, as was widely believed.

Dark chocolate is richer in vitamins A and B, as well as potassium, phosphor, iron and calcium than apples, yogurt and cheese.

Chocolate not only cheers you up and charge you with vigor but also protects you from infarcts and insults. Cacao flavanols appear to be important component of healthy diet for people suffering from cardio-vascular diseases. Flavanols decrease the number of circulating antigen cells which produce positive effect on your vessels.

Bitter chocolate is also useful for your teeth and gums. It contains antimicrobial elements which prevent bacteria in your oral cavity from reproduction. It decreases the negative effect of sugar on your enamel as well and reduces the risk of caries.

So, chocolate appears to be of much use for your health. The only danger connected with this problem is overeating as it is too tasty to resist. However, if you eat chocolate in small portions you have nothing to worry about.

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