The intense tempo of the modern life is characterized by the constant stress and emotional overpressure. Of course that doesn’t help with clear thinking and intellectual productivity at all. Lack of concentration, inability to focus on a question, absence of interest, apathy and fatigue are the obvious signs of brain functioning lapse. Such functioning lapse is quite a natural symptom if experienced after some significant distress or right before you go to sleep. In those cases that is just the signal that your organism needs some rest badly. But if you feel battered and tired during the day or right after you wake up, what is even worse, that is the first alarm signals.

If you don’t suffer from any chronic or acute diseases it is possible to restore your brain functionality. Follow these simple tips to improve your life quality significantly.
Calm down. That is probably the most banal piece of advice ever. But that would be extremely silly to ignore it. The most part of functional brain disorders have the psychological nature. To put it shorter that means your organs and systems are in complete order but function slightly abnormally. We often do not notice that we are living in a constant stress. It is necessary to learn how to calm down.
A good idea to improve your performance is to create associative bridges and developing conditional responses. In a few words that is to train your mind and body to relax by responding to some stimulant. Try the simplest methods. Imagine that you hate doing something, for instance working with papers and documents. Each time you come up to the messy pile of papers towering on your table you feel irritation and even physical discomfort. Create the right associative bridge. You need to balance this unpleasant situation with some pleasant details. Always start this task with improving the atmosphere. Turn on some music that is relaxing and not that intrusive like chill out tracks.Drink a cup or fresh aroma coffee and put a funny tube of lip gloss in front of yours. You need to make the place as comfortable and cozy as possible.
Develop the soothing rituals. That is a good advice for those who experience some difficulties with falling asleep. In case you don’t wish to swallow sleeping pills try to set up your brain to a right mode. That is very simple. You need to develop some routine after which you will definitely go to sleep or on the opposite wake up. For example you may drink hot milk with honey, rub some special cream into your earlobes and cover your legs with a special fleece. Don’t use these objects if you are not going to sleep after the whole procedure. In the morning you may try to turn on some cheerful music encouraging you to go and act and have a cup of strong tea with lemon. Try morning song to wake up better and start your day easier.

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