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How to Boost Up Your Brain Productivity

The intense tempo of the modern life is characterized by the constant stress and emotional overpressure. Of course that doesn’t help with clear thinking and intellectual productivity at all. Lack of concentration, inability to focus on a question, absence of interest, apathy and fatigue are the obvious signs of brain functioning lapse. Such functioning lapse is quite a natural symptom if experienced after some significant distress or right before you go to sleep. In those cases that is just the signal that your organism needs some rest badly. But if you feel battered and tired during the day or right after you wake up, what is even worse, that is the first alarm signals.

Good News for Chocolate Fans

If you feel guilty for eating to much chocolate because you believe that it is unhealthy, may be it is time to change your beliefs? Chocolate is not as harmless as it seems. Besides, it can produce some positive effect as well. So, take the bar of your favorite chocolate and read about the advantages of this product.

Chocolate contains magnesium which prevents you from depression, improves your memory, increase immunity and stress resistance. The Japanese scientists have established that 20-25 gr. of chocolate per day is a measure of preventing cancer and ulcer.


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