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Work Houses of Victorian England

When the people hear the phrase “work house” in the memory of the most part of them flashes the image of Oliver Twist who asks for another serving of watery oatmeal porridge.

The work house in the Victorian England could contain several hundreds or even thousands of dwellers. Except the healthy people there also lived the mentally ill, dangerously ill poor who contaminated their neighbors. These people were kept there for free but the circumstances were awful.


About Jeans and Environment

The consumer philosophy of the modern world makes us buy more things than we actually need. There is an obvious tendency in the human society to gain status and respect with the help of the material things and the amount of them. However, as the state of environment worsens while our wardrobes become more clogged with unnecessary stuff, the necessity to give this problem our thorough attention arises.

Let’s take, for instance, the process of production of one of the most popular things we all possess – jeans. First, the cotton is collected, and the conditions of this work are half-slavish as it is done almost manually. Usually, this first stage is performed in India or China. The population of these countries is big, the work is not enough for everybody, and people agree to work hard for minor salaries. Then, in the conditions of completely ineffective and great use of water, cotton is processed on the simple machinery. After that the cloth is delivered to India, China, Venezuela, Vietnam or Uzbekistan where the process of coloration is performed. Thus, in China there are the whole towns the inhabitants of which are occupied with this task only. All water reservoirs surrounding these towns have turned practically in waste containers where the chemicals left after the production of jeans are thrown. Some jeans are made with the help of acid, and it is easy to guess where the life story of this acid ends. This is the way we receive a pair of nice jeans not giving a thought to the fact that something should be doe with work conditions and consumer preferences or after another several thousands of jeans our planet will be turned into a huge waste container as well.


15 signs of being addicted to social networks

Nowadays, among all possible ways of communication, people still continue to choose a very narrow range: calling by the phone, writing an e-mail, probably two or three visits to the bar or cinema and constant chatting in various social networks.


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