Chase of the Sun

While you are sitting at home, and a warm blanket covers your shoulders, and there is raining or even snowing outside the window and the woolen socks seem to be the best invention of the humankind you should remember one simple thing – somewhere in the world there is always a beach season. As for me, there can not be a better rest than being on the beach and feeling the sand with your toes. Here are the best beaches I dream of visiting one day.

The first of them, Whitehaven Beach is situated in Australia, on the Holy Trinity Island. The length of this beach is about seven kilometers, and the snow-white quartz sand is considered to be the cleanest in the world. On the north of the beach there is a unique bay where the streams bring sand and water creating unbelievable fusion of colors. The purity of sand is 99,89% which exceeds the most severe requirements to the production of the best glass in the world.

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Play the Story

The opponents of video games claim that they have no cultural value and generally present a waste of time. However, video games are not only about cute graphics, bright special effects and shooting ugly monsters. Some of the games have really fascinating plots which make you plunge in the process of playing and live every moment of it. It is like reading a great book and feeling like a hero of the story.

The first video game with an excellent plot I want to include in this top is Beyond Good and Evil issued in 1998. The characters of the game are very good developed and you tend to love them from the first moments of the game. You play Jade, a young woman who works as a news reporter and live with orphans. Then the aliens appear on the stage and kidnap some of the children. In the process of rescuing them you, together with Jade learn a lot of terrific secrets about the aliens and the reason of their hunting for kids. The story is fantastic but it promotes the things which are pretty real – friendship, loyalty and nobleness. Jade’s Uncle Pey’j, who adds a humorous hint to the sinister twists of the plot. The only minor defect of the story is its ending. The final scene leaves us uncertain about the fate of Jade, so it seems that sequel is absolutely needed, but there was not any.

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Top 6 Men’s Secrets

Men’s true thoughts often remain terra incognita for the most part of women. Many girls are eager to find out what happens in our head when we say the usual phrases to them.It’s time to reveal some of or secrets.

  • We play golf to have a rest from you. More that 21 mln of the American men play golf regularly. And more than 75% of the play poorly. In other words golf is not a plain hobby. It is a way to be distracted from the family routine and problems connected with relationships.

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The consumer philosophy of the modern world makes us buy more things than we actually need. There is an obvious tendency in the human society to gain status and respect with the help of the material things and the amount of them. However, as the state of environment worsens while our wardrobes become more clogged with unnecessary stuff, the necessity to give this problem our thorough attention arises.

Let’s take, for instance, the process of production of one of the most popular things we all possess – jeans. First, the cotton is collected, and the conditions of this work are half-slavish as it is done almost manually. Usually, this first stage is performed in India or China. The population of these countries is big, the work is not enough for everybody, and people agree to work hard for minor salaries. Then, in the conditions of completely ineffective and great use of water, cotton is processed on the simple machinery. After that the cloth is delivered to India, China, Venezuela, Vietnam or Uzbekistan where the process of coloration is performed. Thus, in China there are the whole towns the inhabitants of which are occupied with this task only. All water reservoirs surrounding these towns have turned practically in waste containers where the chemicals left after the production of jeans are thrown. Some jeans are made with the help of acid, and it is easy to guess where the life story of this acid ends. This is the way we receive a pair of nice jeans not giving a thought to the fact that something should be doe with work conditions and consumer preferences or after another several thousands of jeans our planet will be turned into a huge waste container as well.

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It’s hard to meet a person who hasn’t seen a single episode of the series constantly being broadcast via TV. Everyone once had a thought about the longest series ever filmed.

  • The greatest amount of the episodes are contained in the series named “The Guiding Light”. There were 15 762 episodes in it, which were shown on the central TV channels during the period since 1952 to 2009. The end of shooting was connected with the ceasing of the financial support. The whole duration of the series makes 164 days, 4 hours and 30 minutes. In other words to watch it one requires almost two years if he would watch 8 episodes a day. This is considered to be a Guinness record. The plot develops around the life of a priest in the suburbs of Chicago. Such famous actors Kevin Bacon, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick and Christopher Walken were starring in “The Guiding Light”.

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The mad rhyme of modern life is a constant source of stress, depression and tension. It is absolutely necessary to make a break sometimes, to devote some moments entirely to yourself and get lost in pleasure and relaxation. Spa procedures provide an excellent opportunity to forge about the problems of everyday life and acquire a harmonious state of mind and soul.

Originally the term “spa” was associated with water treatment, but with time other medical procedures were added to this list, like massage, foot baths, scrubs, wraps and aromatherapy baths. These procedures make you healthier and improve your appearance as well. You may choose only one of them or try the whole package.

One of the most popular spa procedures is wrapping. During this process you will be covered with some substance containing ingredients which are good for your skin. These mixes consist often of papaya or aloe, or, more rarely, of volcanic mud or chocolate. After being covered with one of these substances you will be wrapped in a cocoon made of some natural materials, like, for instance, banana leaves. Then you will be left alone for some time and your skin will soak up the useful ingredients while you will be sleeping under the soothing sounds of music. As a result, your skin will become silky and even and it will seem to you that you are shining with a new kind of beauty.

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What is happiness for a woman? This is good mood, good clothes and a good partner. What could be better! Let’s pay attention to the last aspect. A good man. It’s not easy to be a good partner. Partnership is a hard work, and it needs much efforts and patience. First of all it should be comfortable for the partners to be together. And here the fact of personal habits comes to the foreground. There are some common male habits which irritate ladies. Throwing the socks around the apartment, scratching oneself, spitting, burping…and what not. All these and many other habits make women mad. But there are something in male’s behavior that just the other way round melts or even arouses girls. These smallest movements and actions are so habitual for a man, and they don’t even know about the glow of passion in his woman’s eyes. By the way, many ladies confessed that these cute habits conquered them finally. So let’s talk about the habits that seem to be attractive to women.

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