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In Search for Inner Harmony

The mad rhyme of modern life is a constant source of stress, depression and tension. It is absolutely necessary to make a break sometimes, to devote some moments entirely to yourself and get lost in pleasure and relaxation. Spa procedures provide an excellent opportunity to forge about the problems of everyday life and acquire a harmonious state of mind and soul.

Originally the term “spa” was associated with water treatment, but with time other medical procedures were added to this list, like massage, foot baths, scrubs, wraps and aromatherapy baths. These procedures make you healthier and improve your appearance as well. You may choose only one of them or try the whole package.

One of the most popular spa procedures is wrapping. During this process you will be covered with some substance containing ingredients which are good for your skin. These mixes consist often of papaya or aloe, or, more rarely, of volcanic mud or chocolate. After being covered with one of these substances you will be wrapped in a cocoon made of some natural materials, like, for instance, banana leaves. Then you will be left alone for some time and your skin will soak up the useful ingredients while you will be sleeping under the soothing sounds of music. As a result, your skin will become silky and even and it will seem to you that you are shining with a new kind of beauty.


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