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Bad habits of gamers.

For many people video gaming is a problem. Sometimes it is really annoying to see your boyfriend playing all the time. And it it impossible to force him to stop doing it. Some girls really can’t stand it. They need attention, but instead of it their guys prefer to pay much attention to video games. But you have to get used to it. And you should remember that it is the tip of the iceberg. Video gaming is accompanied with some bad habits gamers have. Okay, one can get used to the fact you play video games endlessly. But it is impossible to stand those habits you have while playing. What I mean? Well, let me explain you.


Some pretty bad advice

There are a lot of advice, tips, tutorials on how to change your lifestyle, how to earn more money, how to quit smoking. How about some bad advice? As a joke, I made up a tutorial “How to destroy your life”.

Let’s start, shall we? 😉

One thing at a time.

1.Let’s start with an easy one: making your teeth and your breath bad. Start smoking. If your lungs are already week, you can start with the easier thing – just stop brushing your teeth. When you start noticing that people are looking at you all funny and don’t take vacant seats on a bus if it’s close to you, then you are ready for the next step. Buy the cheapest pack of cigarettes you can find (why waste money on destroying your life?) and try to smoke as many packs a day as you can. If you feel your hands are shaky and your skin is kind of pale – you are doing everything right.


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