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Good News for Chocolate Fans

If you feel guilty for eating to much chocolate because you believe that it is unhealthy, may be it is time to change your beliefs? Chocolate is not as harmless as it seems. Besides, it can produce some positive effect as well. So, take the bar of your favorite chocolate and read about the advantages of this product.

Chocolate contains magnesium which prevents you from depression, improves your memory, increase immunity and stress resistance. The Japanese scientists have established that 20-25 gr. of chocolate per day is a measure of preventing cancer and ulcer.


The Rarest Diseases

are diseases (sometimes they are called orphan diseases) are such illnesses that affect only the smallest part of the human population. To stimulate the research of these diseases and find the effective treatment a financial support from the government is often required.

Many of the orphan diseases are genetic ones and torture the person during the whole life even in the cases of a long latent period when the symptoms remain implicit for a long period of time. Many rare diseases tent to appear in an early childhood and nearly 30 % of children suffering from them don’t reach the age of 5 years old.

There is no single level of a particular disease dissemination to provide the reasons for considering it to be a rare or a common one. A disease may supposed to be a rare one in the one country or a detached community and widespread in another.


Homeopathy against Uninfectious Diseases

Today the non-contagious diseases are the main cause of reducing the life quality and a high death level. According to the statistics the amount of people suffering from such illnesses as diabetes or cancer has increased form 10 to 14 percent worldwide for the recent few years, and the death level connected with these illnesses has raised up to 1.5 percent. The International Association of Diabetics states that about 30 percent of the Earth population will develop diabetes by the year 2030.

Before the nineteenth century the situation was the same with the contagious illnesses. The epidemics of cholera and plaque often took place in Europe making the whole towns disappear. The reasons for the great amount of people deaths wasn’t known during those times as the stirrers of these diseases were discovered only in the late nineteenth century be Louis Pasteur and Robert Coch.


Some pretty bad advice

There are a lot of advice, tips, tutorials on how to change your lifestyle, how to earn more money, how to quit smoking. How about some bad advice? As a joke, I made up a tutorial “How to destroy your life”.

Let’s start, shall we? 😉

One thing at a time.

1.Let’s start with an easy one: making your teeth and your breath bad. Start smoking. If your lungs are already week, you can start with the easier thing – just stop brushing your teeth. When you start noticing that people are looking at you all funny and don’t take vacant seats on a bus if it’s close to you, then you are ready for the next step. Buy the cheapest pack of cigarettes you can find (why waste money on destroying your life?) and try to smoke as many packs a day as you can. If you feel your hands are shaky and your skin is kind of pale – you are doing everything right.


10 Tips on How To Strenghten Your Hair

In an urban setting we tend to forget about basic hair care not to mention our health in general. Today it is rather difficult to maintain a good condition of our bodies due to the lack of free time to spend or to basically being lazy. But as for us, women, it’s an inevitable duty to fulfill in order to be pretty and to get appreciation from the men surrounding us.

Here are some pieces of advice to help you keep your hair healthy and shiny:


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