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Do We Spend Money Or Does the Money Spend Us

Some people experience the fits of panic as they realize that they have to deal with the large sums of money. It may sound strange but money is the powerful energy that needs to be in the never ending motion. But that may concern not only money, When the people get their wages their activity levels boost up. They start going shopping and planning their future purchases. Generally if you have money you want to spend them and that is the natural wish. By the way it is one of the main reasons why some people can’t save up some money. That doesn’t mean that they have some peculiar and odd needs but they simply can’t resist the wish to spend their salary.


Work Houses of Victorian England

When the people hear the phrase “work house” in the memory of the most part of them flashes the image of Oliver Twist who asks for another serving of watery oatmeal porridge.

The work house in the Victorian England could contain several hundreds or even thousands of dwellers. Except the healthy people there also lived the mentally ill, dangerously ill poor who contaminated their neighbors. These people were kept there for free but the circumstances were awful.


15 signs of being addicted to social networks

Nowadays, among all possible ways of communication, people still continue to choose a very narrow range: calling by the phone, writing an e-mail, probably two or three visits to the bar or cinema and constant chatting in various social networks.


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