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Top 6 Men’s Secrets

Men’s true thoughts often remain terra incognita for the most part of women. Many girls are eager to find out what happens in our head when we say the usual phrases to them.It’s time to reveal some of or secrets.

  • We play golf to have a rest from you. More that 21 mln of the American men play golf regularly. And more than 75% of the play poorly. In other words golf is not a plain hobby. It is a way to be distracted from the family routine and problems connected with relationships.


Men: these cute creatures.

What is happiness for a woman? This is good mood, good clothes and a good partner. What could be better! Let’s pay attention to the last aspect. A good man. It’s not easy to be a good partner. Partnership is a hard work, and it needs much efforts and patience. First of all it should be comfortable for the partners to be together. And here the fact of personal habits comes to the foreground. There are some common male habits which irritate ladies. Throwing the socks around the apartment, scratching oneself, spitting, burping…and what not. All these and many other habits make women mad. But there are something in male’s behavior that just the other way round melts or even arouses girls. These smallest movements and actions are so habitual for a man, and they don’t even know about the glow of passion in his woman’s eyes. By the way, many ladies confessed that these cute habits conquered them finally. So let’s talk about the habits that seem to be attractive to women.


My ardent love with Serge Gainsbourg.

Have you ever thought of dating, living or even getting married a star? Or actor? Maybe a singer? Well, of course many of us are fans of Brad Pitt’s body and his pretty face or David Beckham’s attractive smile. Many of us love them and keep their posters secretly or maybe not. But really have you ever dreamed about living with them or being their friends? What does attract us to them? Definitely it is their appearance and probably nothing else. Well, many of them are really talented people and their works are influential. At least we do not know them as people. These things are obvious and controversial.

What am I talking about? I will try to explain. As for me I admire works and creative life of Serge Gainsbourg. He was a French actor, singer, songwriter, composer, poet. In general he was really outstanding and gifted person. He had that unusual voice, very deep and specific, I even would say very sexy. Gainsbourg performed mainly chanson. Actually, he varied musical styles, but my favorite one is namely chanson. His gaze was seducing as well as his voice actually. He dated Brigitte Bardot some time, their love was ardent but not long. His big love was Jane Birkin, their relations were turbulent and crazy. Shortly speaking he was an outstanding Man. Gainsbourg lived bright life. Many would envy his craziness and passion for life.


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