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Do We Spend Money Or Does the Money Spend Us

Some people experience the fits of panic as they realize that they have to deal with the large sums of money. It may sound strange but money is the powerful energy that needs to be in the never ending motion. But that may concern not only money, When the people get their wages their activity levels boost up. They start going shopping and planning their future purchases. Generally if you have money you want to spend them and that is the natural wish. By the way it is one of the main reasons why some people can’t save up some money. That doesn’t mean that they have some peculiar and odd needs but they simply can’t resist the wish to spend their salary.


Top 6 Men’s Secrets

Men’s true thoughts often remain terra incognita for the most part of women. Many girls are eager to find out what happens in our head when we say the usual phrases to them.It’s time to reveal some of or secrets.

  • We play golf to have a rest from you. More that 21 mln of the American men play golf regularly. And more than 75% of the play poorly. In other words golf is not a plain hobby. It is a way to be distracted from the family routine and problems connected with relationships.


The Rarest Diseases

are diseases (sometimes they are called orphan diseases) are such illnesses that affect only the smallest part of the human population. To stimulate the research of these diseases and find the effective treatment a financial support from the government is often required.

Many of the orphan diseases are genetic ones and torture the person during the whole life even in the cases of a long latent period when the symptoms remain implicit for a long period of time. Many rare diseases tent to appear in an early childhood and nearly 30 % of children suffering from them don’t reach the age of 5 years old.

There is no single level of a particular disease dissemination to provide the reasons for considering it to be a rare or a common one. A disease may supposed to be a rare one in the one country or a detached community and widespread in another.


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